Grade 4

Language Arts:
1 box of either blue or black pens
1 inch VIEW binder

I inch VIEW binder
Multiplication Flashcards (0-12) or (2-12)

I inch VIEW binder

Social Studies:
1 inch view binder

I inch VIEW binder

Additional Items Also Needed:
2 laminated folders
2 packages of loose leaf paper
2 boxes of tissues
2 EXPO dry erase markers (fine tip)
1 standard sized clipboard
6 packages of #2 pencils
5 packages of dividers with tabs (8 in a package)

VIEW binders have a clear cover on the front of them. This allows for a piece of paper to be inserted. I have color coded papers that are placed in the VIEW binder. This helps students identify what binder is used for each subject. This labeling system helps students with organization.